AdQuick Announces Partnership with Lyft, Expanding Out-of-Home Advertising Inventory in New York City, Chicago


AdQuick, the top out-of-home advertising marketplace in the world, today announced its partnership with rideshare giant Lyft to manage its cartop advertising on Lyft Halos in New York City and Lyft’s Divvy bike share kiosk advertising inventory in Chicago.

Lyft’s Halo cartop advertising technology enables brands to increase their reach in New York City with hyper-targeted, digital cartop advertising,” said Michael Hudes, Head of Growth at Lyft Media. “Whether on cartops or our bike share kiosks in Chicago, partnering with AdQuick makes it simple and easy for advertisers to plan, buy and measure space from one convenient place with real-time reporting.”

The AdQuick and Lyft partnership is a boon for brands and agencies, as Lyft’s targeting algorithm accounts for each vehicle’s location, time of day and weather, ensuring media buyers place hyper-targeted ads that benefit the business. It also allows full-motion video content, unlimited creative swaps and is available at every cross-street in the territory.

“We manage millions of dollars of media every year, and as fiduciaries of our clients’ budgets, we need to move the needle among targeted audiences in hyper competitive markets like New York City,” said Elliott Hasiuk, senior marketing technologist at Part and Sum, an innovation and growth agency. “Using AdQuick to access space on Lyft’s Halo toppers enables us to reach mobile customers within geofenced areas, broaden coverage in key areas on tight budgets and add a new layer to our out-of-home advertising options. As users, we directly benefit from the ease of one-stop shopping, streamlined execution and aggregated measurement tools that validate our strategies.”

Additional benefits of the AdQuick/Lyft partnership include:

  • Real-time reporting which allows advertisers the visibility into their campaign performance anytime, from anywhere
  • Programmatic platform so media buyers can run agile campaigns, make targeted changes instantaneously
  • Local intelligence partnerships that gives estimates on reach, website traffic and app downloads, as well as users driven to physical stores after seeing an ad

“A lot of people still associate out-of-home advertising as billboards and bus benches, but Lyft’s new digital cartop advertising and bike share kiosks illustrates how outdoor media is continuing to grow in new and exciting ways,” said Chris Gadek, head of growth at AdQuick. “Lyft’s inventory, coupled with AdQuick’s programmatic capabilities, mean brands can enhance their campaigns to be more precise, more proactive and more effective, which is invaluable in key markets like New York City and Chicago.”

To learn more about AdQuick, please visit www.adquick.com.

About AdQuick, Inc.

AdQuick.com is the easiest way to purchase and measure outdoor advertising and is building the operating system to bring the OOH industry online. It is the first company to allow anyone to complete the full cycle of booking outdoor ads online, and connects advertisers and agencies to OOH media owners anywhere in the U.S. and abroad.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by former Instacart executives, AdQuick’s mission is to empower everyone to put their message into the world. We do that by removing all barriers to out-of-home (OOH) ad buying, with a powerful platform that’s a delight to use. AdQuick was named in the top ten Best Places to Work in 2020 by Los Angeles Business Journal and is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, GermanyAustralia and 12 other countries.



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