Adomni expands cartop advertising program to include Niio digital artwork

Admoni and Niio

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Adomni, is teaming up with Niio, the premium video and new media art platform. Starting in August 2020AtlantaDallas and Phoenix will be the first three cities to feature Niio artworks on Uber’s cartop advertising network, Uber OOH powered by Adomni, that launched this past February.

“We saw a special opportunity to utilize captivating digital artworks to bring color, positive energy and creative inspiration to the huge audiences that Uber OOH reaches,” said Adomni CEO, Jonathan Gudai. “Our selection of Niio was driven by their deep expertise in curating premium moving image artworks and their huge content library of more than 13,000 artworks of 4,000+ artists from around the world.”

From a marketer’s perspective, the gallery quality Niio artworks provide a powerful way to increase performance KPIs such as ad recall and consumer attention.  “As consumers ourselves, we know first-hand about ad banner blindness,” said Gudai. “By mixing cultural and commercial content, the advertiser’s message gets a higher attention.”

The digital video artworks for this program will be curated and powered by Niio. Artists participating in the program will be commissioned and paid for their participation.

The video artworks will be optimized to Uber OOH’s screen size and resolution and displayed between ads. A fresh set of artworks will be shown on the cartops every couple of weeks.

“We’re bombarded by digital noise in the digital era, and our mission is to connect and inspire people through a more meaningful digital experience, specifically through moving-image art, while empowering the artists to reach the widest possible audience,” said Rob Anders, co-founder and CEO of Niio. “Displaying artworks on outdoor screens, such as Uber’s mobile cartop advertising is a great opportunity to inspire more people in an unexpected way.”

To learn more about this program and see examples of the artworks on the cartops, visit www.uberooh.com/art or watch this video: https://youtu.be/Nk2FtBKprCo

Source: Adomni

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