AdMobilize and LiveDOOH Forge Partnership to Bring Programmatic-Ready Campaign Planning Feature for the OOH industry

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AdMobilize and LiveDOOH are proud to announce a new partnership to deliver an industry-first feature to effectively plan, deliver and report on campaigns for media owners and brands in the OOH industry. The new feature will allow mutual clients and new prospects to not only capture real impressions and engagement on their digital networks, but also automatically use that data to optimise campaigns. Thus, providing the ability to target audiences with weeks of anticipation based on granular insights such as age, gender, dwell time and peak times.

Both platforms work on a constant cycle of ad iteration and delivery. To ensure all assets are being optimised, content is being played at the right time and place based on real time audience data. A task that would normally take weeks of planning is simplified to a few minutes of setup for tangible efficiency improvements.

AdMobilize is the world’s leading AI computer vision analytics company for OOH, DOOH, and Retail industries.  With over 150 clients in 85 countries, AdMobilize’s users have embraced the turnkey nature of the technology: the ability to yield rates; gather actionable business intelligence; serving of dynamic content; all accompanied by real-time audience analytics dashboards.

“This partnership is very exciting for us. AdMobilize’s platform has become the measurement platform of choice for brick and mortar intelligence at scale. This is another important step in enabling our clients to capture proof-of-performance data and insights, as well as unlocking the ability to automate methods in creating and delivering content to audiences. A predictive tool such as the one provided by LiveDOOH fulfills an increasing requirement by clients in the OOH and digital signage industry,” says Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO and Founder of AdMobilize.

LiveDOOH offers the most advanced platform for content management, ad serving, and supply side management in the world. Its intelligent automation capabilities allow some of the largest DOOH media owners and retailers around the globe to maximize yields, optimize direct and programmatic sales, and monetize their inventory in ways that were simply not conceivable before.

“We are very enthusiastic to partner with AdMobilize to bring these new capabilities to the industry. At LiveDOOH our vision has always been to break the technological boundaries limiting the Digital Signage and DOOH spaces. Our platform was built from the ground up to leverage smart data and analytics, delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. AdMobilize’s impressive capabilities for audience, vehicle and crowd measurement are a perfect complement to our service; they hit the nerve of the time in an industry which is only beginning to make use of smart data and automation to reach its full potential,” says Keni Bernardin, CEO and Founder of LiveDOOH


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