Accretive Media Unveils Industry’s First Advertising Solution that Extends the Power of Out-of-Home into the Living Room


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Accretive Media a digital out-of-home advertising company, today announced the launch of Accretive Connect™, a new solution that enables sequential messaging between programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) and connected TV (CTV) advertising for the first time, opening the door for brands and agencies to easily engage consumers both inside and outside of their homes. By identifying consumers exposed to advertising across Accretive Media’s DOOH screens, Accretive Connect is able to reinforce the messages seen out-of-home on consumers’ connected TVs at home, resulting in a highly coordinated brand story across formats that maximizes advertising impact and effectiveness.

The solution draws upon the two hottest formats in the advertising market today. According to eMarketer, pDOOH is predicted to double this year and then again by the end of 2022. Similarly, forecasts for CTV predict that ad spend will increase from nearly $7 billion in 2019 to a projected $10.81 billion in 2021, a staggering 54% growth rate. Accretive Connect enables brands to capitalize on these trends and the power of sequential messaging to make their existing out-of-home and television budgets work harder and smarter for them.

“We are excited to be the first solution on the market to couple these powerful formats and make them work better together for brands,” said Craig Benner, Founder and CEO of Accretive Media. “Accretive Connect will allow brands to intelligently display their message across big beautiful DOOH screens and then use format sequencing to amplify that same message to those same consumers with sight, sound and motion in the comfort of their homes on another large, emotive screen – the connected television. The goal of every marketer is to tell a meaningful story with their advertising, and Accretive Connect goes a long way in achieving that goal.”

The coordination of these specific formats in this sequence is designed to dramatically increase the recall and response rates of consumers exposed. Similar to DOOH and mobile retargeting, brands will identify the specific audience they are looking to reach. From there, Accretive Connect will reach that audience on a defined group of Accretive’s US DOOH screens, then capture and retarget those consumers in their own homes using immersive video on their smart TVs and/or streaming devices.

“The industry is yearning for new, impactful ways to amplify the success of their out-of-home investments,” said Ian Dallimore, VP of Digital Growth & GM Programmatic for Lamar Advertising. “We’re excited to partner with Accretive Media on this important new product to help underscore how powerful out-of-home can be when coordinated with another high-impact, targeted media inside the home. It’s a transformational combination for advertisers.”

To help measure campaign success, Accretive Media will offer its Accretive Outcomes™ suite of reporting, including analytics related to web traffic, online/offline sales, foot traffic, brand studies, and other custom key metrics to ensure that brands and agencies are getting the most from their ad spend.

To learn more about how Accretive Connect, please visit http://www.accretiveads.com.

About Accretive Media: Accretive Media (https://accretiveads.com/) is a programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising platform that empowers brands to become a part of consumers’ everyday lives. With access to over 240,000 US screens, Accretive engages the on-the-go consumer on their terms. Through its proprietary Accretive Data Lake and I-SEA methodology, the platform combines advanced data, targeting, and measurement capabilities – keeping consumers informed, creating value for property owners, and helping brands win.

For media inquiries, please contact media@accretiveads.com.

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