A Clever Way to use Mini Digitals for Sales

Mini Digital Billboard for Sales

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In sales, it helps to have every edge or advantage you can get your hands on. Every little bit helps. One of our clients is doing just that. They purchased a mini digital billboard from billboardstuff.com and began using it as part of their sales strategy. Whenever they have a potential advertiser looking to rent some billboard space from them, they create a few pieces of spec art (sample ads). They then load those spec ads into their mini digital billboard and bring it with them to the potential advertiser’s office or have it displayed on their desk when the potential client comes to their office. The mini digital billboard rotates through the advertiser’s ads while the meeting is in progress.

This shows the potential advertiser that you will go above and beyond for them. Not to mention the wow factor, as it’s likely they have never seen a mini digital billboard, especially one playing ads for their business. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to do this for your potential clients, it just takes a few ads created before the meeting so you can put them on the mini.

If you would like more information about the mini digital billboard, please go here.

Happy selling!
– The Tasty Ad Team


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