3 Tools to Help You Sell Your Billboards More Effectively


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As a media owner, you know you’ve got great billboard inventory in strategically valuable locations. But media buyers don’t want to take your word for that, they want proof. Data — the more of it the better. Data they can use for targeting and planning as well as measuring results.

So where can you find the data to convince customers that billboards are a marketing necessity in 2022 and that your billboards have what it takes to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals?

Here are three resource tools that speak directly to your customers’ desire for data.

1. Rising Above Digital Fatigue with OOH

This recently released report is a must-read for every media seller (and buyer). It is a compendium of insightful statistics compiled from more than 600 marketers all across the country – marketers with the same budgetary and advertising performance challenges your own customers are facing.

With digital fatigue and other factors causing steadily declining online advertising returns, marketers are turning to out-of-home. Overwhelmingly, they say OOH is the “perfect counterbalance” to digital fatigue, in large part because it surprises and delights audiences better than any other channel.

And – good news for media sellers – 92% of OOH users are boosting their budgets for 2022. A significant number are cutting back on email, paid search and paid social to fund their switch to OOH.

You can capture your share of this multi-million dollar opportunity by sharing the insights revealed in this landmark survey – insights that highlight why and how marketers are making the move to OOH.

2. How to Beat Facebook with Billboards

Digital fatigue may be a rising concern, but brands can’t afford to abandon online advertising altogether. As media buyers look to alternative channels to fill the gaps in reaching and engaging audiences, they will be thrilled and relieved when you show them this playbook.

It’s the story of our own experience at OneScreen.ai. We wanted to see for ourselves how adding billboards would affect results of our Facebook ad campaign. Without changing our spend (we simply diverted some funds from Facebook to OOH), we saw a 4x lift in results.

400%. That’s not a lift, it’s a launch.

And it’s the sort of eye-opener that should impress any customer considering your billboards. The playbook contains numerous additional stats and tips your customers will appreciate. (They will appreciate your company, too, for bringing these facts to their attention.)

3. Audience Insights Reports

Showing customers industry-leading facts and trends is good, but using your own data to sell them on your billboards is far better. A technique called audience-based selling uses customer location data, geo-fencing and a series of overlaid maps to produce Audience Insights Reports that show exactly which billboards within your inventory are most relevant for each advertising campaign.

In this webinar, OneScreen.ai’s Chief Strategist Tim Rowe explains how to use Audience Insights Reports as a simple yet exceptionally effective selling tool.

All three of these resource tools provide a wealth of data media owners can use to sell customers on the strategic value of billboards. Even better, sellers can use the data and insights to help customers plan OOH flights that are optimally targeted and placed to achieve desired campaign results.

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