Some Great Teaser Billboard Campaign Examples

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Everyone loves a great mystery… trying to figure out the unknown. It’s in our nature to wonder. That’s why teaser billboard campaigns do so well. They get us thinking about the message and discussing it with our friends and family. Take a look at these great examples below of a few teaser billboard campaigns we found.

Teaser Billboard 1

Image source: Clark Communications

The teaser billboard campaign above was seen in West Michigan showing only a series of words including hurt, neglect, trauma, and fear.

Image source: Clark Communications

The teaser reveal showed the organization behind the billboard. D.A. Blodgett St. John’s Center for Children.

Teaser Billboard 3

Image source: Netflix

The Netflix billboard above was a campaign in New York and Hollywood showing the streaming company poking fun at itself. The campaign was in fact, a lead-up to a comedy series Netflix would soon release featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and others.

Teaser Billboard 2

Image source: MLive

The mysterious billboard above was a single board located in Flint, MI. The campaign never had a reveal or follow-up billboard but the mystery did come to light when the author reported to local news agencies after many stories began being published. The message was put up by a local Flint businessman who simply said the blueberries “are the concerns and the hurdles and the struggles that all of us deal with in a day.”

Teaser Billboard 4

Image source: AdRants

Teaser Billboard 4B

Image source: AdRants

The billboard teaser campaign above for St. Luke’s Health System featured several before and after billboards including Unbelievable > believable, Hopeless > Hope, and Impossible > possible.

Teaser Billboard 5b

Image source: MarketingMagCa

The billboard above was a decade-old teaser campaign that was never really revealed. If you searched the hashtag, you would find an equally confusing YouTube video. Some guesses have been made as to the purpose but nothing official has been released.

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The billboard ads below were to slowly inform the public about a “Save the Clinic” event. The event was a benefit for a spay and neuter clinic. The ads slowly show the progression of dog and cat over population, followed by the event details.

Spay Neuter Teaser Ads for Billboards

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