Mountain Dew’s New Summer OOH Campaign

Mountain Dew OOH Campaign

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Mountain Dew’s summer 2019 ad campaign kicks off with a promo featuring a new flavor and a promotion to collect bottles labeled for all 50 states. The campaign labeled “DEWnited States” is being promoted on billboards (seen in the ad below), transit and street furniture.

The new flavor, called Liberty Brew “50 flavors in 1”, has been said to taste like a combination of grape and berry with a hint of tropical fruit.

If you collect all 50 states’ bottles and enter the promo codes on their website, you win $100. Prompting some people to sell their bottles on eBay.

My professional opinion about the creative is that it’s way too busy for a billboard. Sure, it looks cool, but you can’t read the information with that busy background. Not to mention the copy is too small. Unfortunately, that’s the sort of thing that happens when you have agencies designing your OOH ads that don’t know a lot about our industry. I do like Mountain Dew though, and look forward to trying the new flavor.

Mountain Dew Billboard Ad

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