March Madness Hits the Shores of Florida


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Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Tampa – Did you keep up with your bracket? Throughout March Madness, the Ballyhoo Media and Screenfeed teams made it easier than ever for basketball fans to be kept up to speed with real-time scores of their teams. This activation featured live updates from individual game results, the Big Dance 64-team bracket, the Sweet 16 bracket, and the upcoming championship game. 

Whether fans were at bars, restaurants, apartments, offices, or strolling along the waterways, Ballyhoo’s floating billboard screens were uniquely positioned to bring live infotainment directly to the consumer with industry leading dwell times that allow fans to catch every score of every game.

The Ballyhoo Media team has used smart screen technology like this before, from Twitter campaigns displaying live tweets to Seadoo Jet Ski campaigns utilizing dynamic weather triggers that update the ad content depending on the weather. 

“We’ve managed to create a one-of-kind floating OOH platform that leaves a memorable impression on audiences,” said Tyler Zlatin, Ballyhoo Media’s Chief Marketing Officer. “By innovating our ad loops with dynamic and entertaining sports content in between our advertisements, we are taking the OOH experience in a fresh direction, allowing us to better connect with audiences.” 



This approach is making waves. “The response we receive from community members is extremely positive, in large part due to our engaging content,” continued Tyler. “On a regular basis, we get tagged on social media or featured in news outlets by simply featuring relevant messaging and activations that locals get excited about.”

The larger-than-life 60 ft floating screens from Ballyhoo Media are capable of displaying full-motion video, social feeds, and other dynamic content. The mobile screens allow for hyper-local access and undistracted views to areas previously inaccessible by advertising, bringing OOH to audiences in the most dense areas of major waterfront cities.

At the touch of a button, Ballyhoo’s software engineers have designed a system that seamlessly integrates live data. Using Ballyhoo’s custom code engine, the March Madness campaign displayed Screenfeed’s Sports Central widget through cutting-edge digital signage and high-powered 5G hotspots that are traditionally used for public transit.

“Together, we are informing and entertaining local communities. Ballyhoo’s innovative media displays are something I had never seen before and are exciting to contribute to,” said Lorna Campbell, Screenfeed’s Business Development Director. “Sports Central is one of Screenfeed’s most popular content options, providing access to popular collegiate, professional, and international sports leagues.”

Altogether, the March Madness campaign on Ballyhoo’s platform brought a touch of spectacular to the OOH industry, by using eye-catching technology that kept the public entertained, translating to better results for advertising clients.


Ballyhoo Media is an innovative, water-based OOH digital media platform. The Ballyhoo platforms are outfitted with advanced digital signage technology on back-to-back high definition screens to display everything from static or video advertisements, to live content, event promotions, social media feeds, personal messaging, and much more. This innovative and interactive technology allows brands to promote their message via highly-coveted waterways. For more information, visit https://ballyhooboats.com/


Screenfeed is a leading content provider in the digital signage space. Our purpose is to make customer lives easier with a wide selection of licensed and custom HTML content options. We empower customers and partners to say yes to any content project, resulting in valuable networks and delighted audiences.

Source: Bally Hoo Boats

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