From roaring lion to giant waves, ultrarealistic 3D displays bring billboards alive


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As the world continues to advance in technology, ultrarealistic 3D displays installed in China and South Korea are blowing people’s minds away. Several videos of the giant screens are being widely circulated on social media, with many stunned with how realistic the animation looks.

Shared on TikTok was a video of a 3D display screen installed in Chengdu, China. The 1.04-minute clip features a lion breaking out from the screen and running away. The clip also records the reaction of a lady, watching the wild cat on the screen. Here, take a look:

Another video of the naked-eye 3D screen in Guanyinqiao CBD of Chongqing, showcasing a flying saucer, attracted quite some attention online, the GlobalNews reported. Interestingly, the onlookers do not need any equipment or eyewear to see the 3D effect, the news website added.

Earlier in 2020, many videos of a similar display in South Korea had gone viral on social media. According to Korean channel Arirang News, a majestic digital wave was installed in the middle of Seoul.

A video features the wave crashing in a virtual aquarium, which according to the clip, is South Korea’s biggest digital billboard.

Source: Trends Desk

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